Saturday, 24 March 2012

Party abhi bakki hai :):)

I did It!!!!
Belated bday papa:)...Belated wishes Khush:)...Yes am still in my bday mood....celebrated my bday for over a week...and still party abi baaki hai:)...still receiving belated wishes and gifts.....
Me and my dad celebrate our bday on the same day:)..I have turned 23 and my dad 51(we thought it was 50 shameless we LOL)...even my phone has celebrated it's 2nd birthday on 17th(it was my 21st bday gift).  I am 23 and the marriage tension has already started..not to my parents but to every other person, who  have excelled on meddling into other people's family matters specially the M thing(previously only my sis was the target). They have nothing to do with my marriage but still have to talk about me getting married huh....Every1 have to give some gyan to my mom and brainwash her..and I have already seen the affect of that on my mom...apart from that it's was good start with everyone's wishes...even the unexpected ones:)

Had a mast bday..Celebrated it for 2 GOOD days...starting with lunch with family at home, then icecream at cream stone, then CCD then cake cutting with frnds at home followed by dinner with frnds at chillies , then again cake cutting with dad and family and frnds too... then a night out at frnds place(after a long time)... then next day early morning to chilkur balaji and navgrah mandir with family..then to Water Front for lunch with WFIS frnds..then again to Jagannath temple and Sai Baba temple with family followed by a family dinner at Basil :) 'A Perfect Bday :):)'

17th is marked as a lucky day in our calendar ;)...My mom dad's anniversary-May 17th, me and my dad's bday March 17th, my elder sister's bday Feb 17th, my brother's bday july 17th...the only odd1 out here is my lil sis veenu, whose bday falls on 2nd Feb... and until 15 years she did not resemble any1 of us in the family(I doubt if she does even now ;-)).. we(splly me) used to tease her saying 'you are not our sister, you've got exchanged in the hospital'..haha....

On your bday your smile and happiness will be directly proportional to the no of wishes you receive:)
I had this big 70 MM smile on my face on my bday...A special thank you to every 1 who cared to wish me(us)...

I would like to dedicate this post to everyone who were part of this celebration... I know it's too late but still....

Thank you Mom, Dad, Alka, Ranjeet, Veenu, Jyothi....
Thank you BS(niki, jassi, swetha, yasha, vandu, sushma, priyanka,Manali:))
Thank you Rahul, Akshay, Mayuri, Komal
Thank you WF frnd's (Nikhil, surya, hoor, Pari, Triky, Sharmeen, Kiran, mopuri, Bhavi, naresh, priyanka, Shivani, Ankit, hema, Meenal, Ritu, Komal(WF), Anshul, Vicky)
Thank you Rita, pratiksha....
And thank you for all the belated wishes also...sorry if i have missed anyone :)


  1. Lovely:))) appreciative way of thanking every one who had made ur bday most especial.......great post....loved each line.....especially veenu ka...hehehe she is odd one out in bday number... but the most EVEN as human being:))) and ur both bonding is superb....

    and I do remember.... I use to call Lucky no 17 with ur dad name while playing tambola.....hehehe...

    wish u a great success for all your future endeavours........TAKE CARE......

  2. :):) thank u....veenu is not only odd one out in bday number but also otherwise...none of us are bookworms...none of us watch discovery channel...none of us ever were upto date with our syllabus LOL... she is completely diff from us...which makes me feel even today tht might be she actually got exchanged in hospital:D(she'll hate me for this hehe).... Love u veenu :p

  3. heyyyyy most importan thing i forgot to mention.....TATOO is just superb...after all u did it...superb

    and ya VEENU dont worry i m supporting u ....hehehe

    1. Thank u:):) wo me sochu tu aise kaise mere tattoo ko ignore kar diya hehe...

  4. khush 1st of all a good post bt tu thanku bole ke kya samjhri ki main bolna welcome karke bhul ja nahi bolethi main n tera thanks wapas tujhko
    baaki rahi post ki baat sabh ko kya pata tere shadhi ke plans kya hai hahahaha
    baaki rahi teri bday ka celebrations it really a nice n awesome way to celebrate it
    ya 17th is lucky number even mine
    aur veenu ki baat bilkul galath boli tu bhi thodhi waishi bas itna hai ki woh miss perfect hai like niki mata ji
    baaki bfr next post i want a party at ur place of sev puri idli

    1. Haha....teku no thanx mata...
      n mere shaadi k koi plans nai hai:|..pura plan to tum log banaye..I was the bakra :(...
      Aur me veenu ki tarah to bilkul nai hu re.. uno jaise roz exam k pehle padhti waise....
      And sev puri idli sochri ab bana hi lu :)

  5. Once again wishing you a very Happy Bday .. i think this time around .. you will remember the day for many years to come ,.. certainly for many reasons ;)
    But the celebrations were really like a star bday with so many events and parties going on .. Cheers ..
    P.S : The tatoo is cool but the hand looks scary :D
    may be you should try clicking it better :)

    1. Thank you:)
      ya I'll rem this long time...
      And BTW that's not my's my leg...thanks for the compliment part but no thanks for your advice:p

  6. one more thing to share here ..
    I think your blogging journey so far has been outstanding ..
    Many congratulations ..
    474 Page views in just 26 days is no joke .. roughly average 18+ page views a day .. great start Khush .. keep up the beat:)
    ... kyuki party abhi baaki hai :))

  7. khush kya hai re ye, ab toh jo koi nahi socha hoga wo bhi sochega abt ur marriage :P n i think v need to say ur mom abt ur wedding plans, kyun waste mein aunty itna tension lere :D
    BTW, party toh tu ekdum kiraak tarike se manai, so u wnt forget ths day, the way u did wid ur 19th yr bday....;)
    n coming to veenu's topic, u said tat u study the way she does during ur exams, so u both do resemble, so ab usko swapped child mat bol...she is unique in her own way as everyone else is, bechari ko aise badnaam mat kar. she is better at places where u believe her to b different...
    n ab yaad rakhna u cant updte next post before ur 'sev puri idly' promise, so hope to c ur next post soon.... ;) ;)

    1. hello madam.... my plan???? ye kab hua????
      N ya this 1 I'll rem, unlike my 19th bday hehe(m sure tujhe b yaad nahi hai wo to)....n veenu ko to tu support karegi hi...coz even your family doubts ki kahi tu exchange to nai hogayi hospital me hehe...
      SPI coming soon :)(shayad hehe)

  8. Happy Birthday to you and to your dad! 23 wow(I wish I was 23 again :-( )

    And My what a Birthday you had! Wonderful yaar. Birthdays are so much fun na (but not after 25 :-( )

    and yeh 17th ka funda badiya hain bhai. Mere sare cousins ka bday 11 ko hain, and mein 12 :-P

    And wo photo mein tatoo hain kya? Badiya hain!

  9. :) thanks jenny....bdays can be fun even after 25 ;)
    And yes that's tattoo...not by professional tattoo artist though...but I guess I can call myself aleast chota mota artist:)

    1. chota mota artist ... :D :P rolling on floor laughing ..
      First of all ... artist ... hahahaha ... head banging on wall ..

    2. BO!!!!!
      good that u r not in front of me...lse I would really bang your head against the wall and then would have my share of laugh huh...

  10. Something to remember yea? Bet you had a gala time :)
    It's very late. but anyways, happy Belated Birthday :)

  11. Belated Happy Birthday...!!!
    Coincidentally my Birthday is on 17th too...;)
    the Tattoo z looking as awesome as your post...God Bless You...
    Keep writing..:)

    1. Thank u:)
      thats great 17 17 :)...
      And thanks for the compliment:)

  12. Belated happy birthday .It seems like you have had lots fun.Just found your blog and following it.

    Care to follow back ?

  13. Hey thanks:)...
    Thanks 4 following it...

  14. Thanks a ton for the comment. I'm glad you liked my poem :)