Tuesday, 6 March 2012

History Geography badi bewafa....raat ko rato...subah safa :| :|

The subject I hated the most... The relation b/w me  and SS(social studies) was like that of an unhappy married couple(escapism was not an option)...social studies was a tragedy show for me, with my teacher playing the villain then, always scoring me in digits(not to blame her, she did complete justice to my work)..but still I don't like her for the simple reason that she taught us social studies....I might have missed praying god on some days, but never missed cursing the author of the book and the bade logs which the book talked about, for doing great deeds only to make our(my) lives hell.....

Today when I hear people talking about social studies, I thank God for I m out of school now with a sigh of relief :)(and also pity the school goers). I was a below average student when it came to social part..I was so bad that I couldn't even make out if the question was out of portion(coz everything seemed out of portion to me hehe)..Many a times I used to read one answer for multiple questions and would write the same answer if any of those appeared in the question paper(not joking)..

It's not that I never tried studying it, but I never understood it...It was difficult for me to get in to my head the who, when and why of a murder mystery...Yes History was a big time mystery for me... All I remember today about it is Adolf Hitler, that too only the name...there is a story behind this also...

Tragedy # 1

Class 10th: Special English period

Our teacher asked us to read( rather battify as she expects us reproduce word to word in the test) that answer for the test which was on next day...when it comes to social I become a rocker hehe...yes i start rocking back and forth while studying..and any1 can make out that m anxious or nervous....On the day of test, before the test started I was preparing hard for it...in the special english class I was readin the Hitler story, not out of interest, but out of fear of failing...fear of scoldings from ma & pa...So as usual I was rocking b/f with louder lip movements...which made it more obvious to my teacher that I was busy reading for my test next period, ignoring her lecture...now the ego thing takes the toll..the infuriated teacher says 'is social the only imp subject to you.. do u think spl eng is v easy and u can pass it without any lectures, then don't attend my class. Go and study only social'....( all this coz of Mr. Hitler)

Tragedy # 2

Class 6th: social period

The teacher would not allow the students without the text book in the class... and the smart champs took advantage of this and got escaped from the lectures enjoying outside the class...one day I thought why should only I listen to the lecture of who killed whom and when? So I did the same thing..kept my text book in my bag and left the class happily when the teacher asked the ones without TB to get out of the class...And then I see the teacher coming with a cane towards us for repeating this daily....one on left hand and one on right :(... that was the first time any teacher hit me...Another reason to hate SS...

Tragedy # 3

Class 4th: Quarterly exams

My mom used to take care of my studies then. She somehow used to manage to keep us up with the portion. It was exam time and I was down with typhoid, but cant afford to miss my exam, coz re-exam was not in our system. So my mom woke me up at 5. Yes my xams were like my mom's testing time...to wake me up, first she has to get up, keep my tea ready, then please me to get up hehe(she actually did)....and then search for my bag, take out the book from the bag and then sit beside me till i complete my portion, else i would doze off...I took out my time table and told mom that today I have special English exam and i'll study only to pass...don't expect anything more in this ill-health....Did my best and went to school... saw a girl studying SS for SE exam, to which I laughed and scared her to death saying we have SE exam today...she got tensed...As I moved towards class I found few more people holding SS book in their hand...I Panic!....It was social exam and I was half prepared for SE.. And, above all I went and told my mom that as the question paper for special english was not ready our teacher swapped the exams and provided us with the question bank also hehe....Good try! but was Caught... My mom should be an CBI officer hehe(No doubt I failed that exam)

Tragedy # 4

Scene: Annual exams

This one was more infuriating and sad...always this bloody social exam has to clash with my birthday...
I remember holding Social book in my hand on my birthday every year in School...

Par wo kehte hai na..Anth bhala to sab bhala.....Finally in my 10th board I somehow managed to score 82 in SS to everyone's surprise hehe....this was like our bollywood movies..
Happy ending Hehe...
No more SS :):)


  1. Firstly..hats off to you for thinking this title...History Geography badi bewafa....raat ko rato...subah safa :| :| perfectly suits your post....:))) and the first 2 line of the post, the relation between you and social studies....I couldn't stop laughing:)))

    Tragedy# 3 was mast......iska matlab tujhe sachchi me typhoid tha..me socha sirf exam ka dar.....hehehe

    but sahi kaha ant bhala to sab bhala...well written post.....keep it up!!!

    waiting for more:))

    1. Ya i knw.... my family laughs even today when they recall all this social drama...
      And about typhoid...can't say, possibility hai ki wo exam fever hi ho hehe...social k naam se hi meri tabiyat kharab hojati thi...
      But as I said anth bhala to sab bhala :)

  2. amazing .. i was laughing all along ..
    this is typical khushi for you .. good at everything but social studies(socializing)
    Tragedy# 2 and 3 are my picks .. i am sure all people can somewhere relate to these kind of experiences..
    Great Work !! too well written to be called a second post ~
    n btw when is your bday??????

    1. haha Thank you...I was also laughing all the way while writing this post... It feels good to know that ppl can relate to me at least on these kinda experiences :D And true m good at everything but social/socializing...after all socializing starts with social hehe...

  3. hehehehe.....superb yaa..couldnt stop laughing..from begining till end...wht a write up..kiraak...

    superb chemistry or shall i say mystery.. between u n ur social studies...looks like janmo ka rishta tha..tht u remebered so much abt tht subject..hehe

    tragedy 3: waahh wahh ...kash koi hame bhi aisi teacher hoti jo hame bhi question bank deti ..as even hated it to d core..:)

    tragedy 2: matched up wid me as i used to do same for physics..(hated tht too..hhehe)

    sadddd to no ki usually on birthday u had to deal with ur so called mystery..:P

    finally aapne picha chod hi diya aapki mystery ko...happy ending..hehehe..:):)

    1. Haha Thank u :)
      No chemistry only mystery....and i will never give any credit to social, rather I would say my memory power is so good that I remember everything so well..

      And if u too want question banks toh start cooking stories dear haha...

      Par finally peecha chut hi gaya...it's all history now:)

  4. khush post mast hai bt this happened with me in science that was frm 6th class i always get fed up of science physics and chemistry were like hell for me i used to study only up to passing in the subject bt i love social in that specially civics and eco and Hitler story i rember yaar.
    science always used to get to my nerves i still rember my 10th class final exam of physic and chemistry
    mazza aaya khush padh ke school days yaad aah gaye mujhe mere science ke

    1. In that case i guess apan ko saath me hona chahiye tha school me...tu social padh lena tha n me baaki sab manage kar leti thi...social was a big time pain for me...baaki sab to mere baye haath ka khel tha hehe....

      And thank u for reading it and liking it:)

  5. Rolled down laughing imaging the mockery you tried to make of other girl studying SS and finally you yourself got trap..:)

    Typical bollywood girl's bollywood experiences..:)

    Nicely written and yes rightly said - A bow for coming up with such title..!

    1. Haha...i knw how stupid tht was...i still remember that girl's face when i told her 'pagal aaj social nahi special english exam hai' haha...

      and for the title part...Thank you :)

  6. awesomest article...thumbs up...
    loved reading it..
    got reminded of all d times wen d topic of discussion at home used to be "ur relation wid SS"..:D :D..relived all dos moments..
    Highlight:i enjoyed d way Alka was laughing while readin dis article d most..:D

    1. Thank you pilla:)

      I know and it's not rare..most of the times all your discussions are about me and my bachpan :D
      And Alka toh was seriouly highlight hehe.....

  7. nice post.... hats off to ur patience of thinking, recollecting n putting it up so well.....
    you refreshed your school day memories, n for me our degree memories flashed.... same style of studying even in college n same way of holding tension n spreading to others (can't forget the way u used to keep awake whole night for a few subjects, a day before exam):P
    n actually you know these days students don't have "hitler" in their SS books,may be b'coz of your curses;) all thanks to u :D

    1. Haha...recollecting was not really a big task for me..It has been a big time nightmare for me.....
      School and degree main the only difference was...ki school me it was pressure(imposed by parents, teachers) and degree me self imposed tension haha...I rem swetha accompanying me for real night out studies haha...tum log to night out k naam pe ghode bhech k sojate the lol..
      And ye dhoka hogaya mere saath...aise kaise Hilter ko nikal diye SS me se....now hate social even more :(

    2. lol.....
      ya rite, n even i remember, i used to laugh wen i wake up n see both of u still holding the book in hand with eyes swollen due to lack of sleep n ur voice changed to tat of ..??.. hmmmm watever....

      bt now even i study n keep awake whole night n feel pity on myself :(

    3. so sad hehe...padho padho aur humara naam roshan karo :)

  8. Omigod, so how did you write the papaer for SS, when you had studied for SE?
    Btw, I loved SS and history apart from cehmistry :-))

    and bday pe padai, :-(((((

    BTW, no follow button on your post!

    1. Likhne me to I was master...I would write my own story and go on for pages and pages hehe.....I to loved chemistry, physics and bio....more than the subject I lykd the drawing part in that...i use to draw the diagram even if it's not asked for.. be it a 2 mrks ques or 5 mrks hehe....but that definitely scored me good marks in that :)
      And yes bday pe b badhai:-(...bt as I said..it's all history now :)...no more padhai on bdays :)

    2. Follow button is now added :)

  9. This was amazing :) We all have a subject in our school days with which we're tied up, and escaping is out of question :)
    You actually rocked on your chair?? Haha :P
    It was a light read and a good one :)
    Now that you've divorced Social Studies, be happy :D

    1. Ya i actually rocked on the chair...i usually do it when m batafying something :D...and yes now we are happily divorced hehe...
      Thanks for visiting:)