Thursday, 1 March 2012

Newbie Blogging

March Dhamaka:):)...Day 1 has treated me at its best.. a day full of celebrations..New dress, decorated bay, cake cutting, hogging chocolates....wait wait wait..hold on your's not my was the process go live celebration at my office:)...Where every1 was celebrating the process Go-Live, I was celebrating my fav month-MARCH:) Yes this is my fav month for obvious reasons:):)...and the count down has goodies for the correct guesses...but still u can try and keep it to yourself till the day approaches:)

I usually consider the 1st day of the month to be a good day to start here I am starting my blog on March 01, 2012...Yes finally i've decided to start my own blog(after a reasonable debate with my lazy-self).... 

This is my creation, and I wish to get this tattooed on my actually not getting it done rather doing it myself(temporary one)..but the problem with me is I do things right the first time and then I bungle it :(...yes it happens with me very never turn out same the second time...same goes with the post...this is not my first this might not be the best piece. But still i'll not give up...neither on blog nor on my tattoo...i'll make tht happen...if not best then atleast better or may be atleast qualifies to be called Good :)

About me....

I am a person who is least bothered about the world around me, least bothered about future as well.. giving a damn to people who doesn't matter to me...happy with the life i am short simply khush:)

Throughout my life i've been dependent on ppl around it my family or my frnds...and I very much love my dependent life, and I know I can't do anything without dem. I owe every little thing in my life to them....and post marriage wish to be dependent on my in laws ;)

As a person m really biased...I do have favoritism, people whom I don't like, whatsoever they do i'll not like it, and ppl whom I love will have all sorts of discounts and will always get a 
second chance( unless m deeply hurt)...

For the benefit of people who don't know me....m a true piscean ...with all the piscean characteristics....for your benefit....a lil about pisceans

Pisceans can be described as emotional, romantic, dreamer, imaginative, honest, receptive, malleable, generous and affectionate. They are selfless and compassionate. Pisceans are generally artistic by nature. They are fond of beautiful things. They are very kind and sympathetic. They possess a true sense of compassion and kindness. They are always ready 
to adjust with the changes in circumstances and are receptive to new things. Pisces needs a dominant partner of role model in their life or they will very easily fall into a pit of self-pity and self-undoing. Pisces have an intuitive and psychic ability more than any other zodiac signs. They trust their gut feelings and if they do not, they quickly learn to because they realize that their hunches are usually correct. Pisces downfall is their sensitivity and their inability to reject another person. They do not like rejection and they try to treat others the way they want to be treated so they will rarely say no to a person for fear of hurting their feelings. Also pisces people are known to 'say yes' to everybody because they hate hurting people's feelings. They can be very lazy but only in matters that they do not care about. Pisces is the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.Their natures tend to be too otherworldly for the practical purposes of living in this world as it is. They can be a little sentimental sometimes meaning that they get their feelings hurt easily by something you might have said even if you didn't mean anything by it. 

That pretty much talks about me...ah now people might question me why only good stuff about pisceans is posted here?? your question..this is another trait of Piseans..they never let out their dark side....and more over this is my blog and I have all rights to do tht :)...if you r interested in knowing the dark side of pisceans then you surely can go ahead and help your self(you know the source:)).

That's it for now...
many more to come...
Till then Tadas...Take care...Keep smiling:):)


  1. welcome welcome welcome khush to the world of blogging..what a bindaas write up...

    m in full smiles:))) and also bit shocked that u have started writing blog...but more than shocked m happy that u have taken a step forward to express yourself in more candid way..

    your blog address "simply khush" perfectly suits you...:)))

    Your creation is superb, really get it tattooed :))

    Keep blogging and make people smile with your intellect...

    aaah!!! one thing "March"..advance wishes to you:)))))


    1. :):):)Thank you:)
      I can imagine your shocking expression..I know this was unexpected(at least from me)...even I was not sure that I would start one... And the Tattoo mission is on:)

      Advance and belated wishes will not be accepted :P

  2. Wel.. i knew this was coming.. bcz the extent to which your work on my blog has been recognised and appreciated.. you cannot give this a miss.. :)
    great URl - simplykhush...
    n d write up is lovely.. any stranger can easily corelate to your personality through this write up.
    Definitely the sun sign theory could have been a little shorter.. but anyways i skipped it :P
    All in All superb way to kick off your blogging journey.. n kindly don't claim other's creations as yours(the sketch) :D
    n yes.. i need the royalty ... afterall i was the one who gave you your first break :))

  3. Ya true....thank u for tht...your first break has given me a platform to showcase my hidden talent..haha...had u not asked me to write a guest post for u, i would definitely not have thought about this...
    And dare you not doubt my sketching talent...that's my creation...

    To the royalty thing, i'll pay u in kind:) by promoting your blog on my blog(rather promoting my first post hehe)

    Link to my first post:

  4. When u actually told me that you are planning to start a blog. i Was lyk R U SERIOUS???? ur lazy head has actually allowed u to start blogging ..kudos..:p..
    my fav line..'ppl whom I love will have all sorts of discounts'..
    .n yep can say u r 95% replica of a true piscean..5% is subjected to changes..:p
    Al in al a great blog....lukin frwd fr oders...:)

    1. You know more of your reaction to my "blog thought" was very much expected...but this time I started it before my lazy-self took the charge:)
      And your liking for the discount part was very much obvious as you avail it the most:)

    2. true true true!!!..superlike to d last line..:P n obviously teri EKLAUTI lil sister birth ryt banta hain...lukin frwd fr more discounts....:D ;)

    3. @veenu: tu b kya yaad rakhengi...:)
      @swetha :):)

  5. Aahhoo!!! Khushboo madam - Welcome to the world of blogging - Although you received a much warmer welcome before the official start..:)

    Perfectly said - Simplykhush.

    The write up, i can say, is the best way to start. It gives a path for your audience to connect to you. Friends she is exactly what she has written here - Na kam na zaada..:)

    Keep blogging dear..:) N no laziness..:)

    BTW i didn't know you were so creative - Very nice tattoo..!

    1. Thank you Madame:)

      The kind of welcome I have received for my 1st post is the very reason why m here, not letting my laziness get better of me:)
      when i felt like blogging i did it the v day without anymore delay:)

      And thank u for trusting me with that Tattoo :)...Akki says it's a false claim :(

  6. wow, so finally you did start! Great start and your profile pic is so cute :-)

    1. Thank you Jenny:)
      And see finally m here:)

    2. finally she is here to make all false claims :D

    3. @VJ: ya true...Experience talks more...Thts what you have been doing since you started blogging ryt :P

    4. ofcourse .. I have not done anything else other than making false claims :D
      n looks like you are really really inspired by me to do the same :) :}

  7. @jenny..thanks for reminding..this profile pic of khush is one of my favourite.....YELLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW........

  8. hey kush..its just simply awesome...each n every line expresses who u r....n would rather sweet u r..

    liked ur
    hope u get it done soon..mis.lazy

    the pisces wala para was litle boring..could be shorten it up..

    most importantly..the name..SIMPLY KUSH...just defines ur present life..wish the same in future too...<3

  9. Thank u sush:)...It's khush not kush huh...
    the tattoo is 'coming soon' hehe..
    and pisces wala para...teku kya zarurat thi padne ki.. it was for the ppl who don't know me...u too could have skipped tht...
    Thanks for being so kind:)
    Stay happy:)

  10. khush to kabh sochi ki blog likhthi a new dace dekhi tera its office impact its really gud impact
    blog padha toh tshirt ke write up yaad aaye tere and niki ke u guys love to write
    simply khush its true in the blog
    tu khudh ki itni taarif ki puch math after all taarif toh chaiye na sarkar ko aapka nature hai
    taato teri creativity hai i am damm sure bt thodha chotha taatoo karva yaar itna bada skectch mein acha dikh tha its my opinion baaki aap ki marzi sarkar
    plz bear with my spellings khush u knw me so no issues regarding it

    1. Thank you sarkar:)...
      Yeah ryt me to bhul hi gayi thi...wo t-shirt pe b niki hi likhi thi simply khush....
      aur tere mistakes ki aadat hogayi sabko it becomes difficult to read if u write without mistakes hehe...And baar ye banane de...nxt time chota :)

    2. u r actually " simply khush " n mein jo bolti hu wo publish to hota hi hai :P

    3. @ niki: True.... tu bole aur publish na ho aisa ho hi nai sakta....after all you are our guru :D

  11. hai la khush!!!! i had never thought u would write so much anywhere else, other than ur answer sheets :P

    waise, i didnt need to read it all, coz sab jana pehchana sa laga.
    but, "about me" k first two paras thode contradictory the... u dont bother abt the world arnd u, bt ur world's biggest part r the ones whom u love n care for na ?....
    anyways, meri toh aadat hai, i keep poking
    n i m waiting to c the sketch tattooed on ur ankle....
    i m quite late, n ya without being a part of it , "a warm welcome to u to this world of blogging... keep writing n sharing :)

    1. HAI LA Niki!!!!! finally you read my blog..haha...typical niki style hehe
      Isko bolte dildari...thank u dear for your warm welcome hehe....
      And thank u for reminding me that you are same old niki teacher....shuru hogayi tu yaha pe b mistakes nikaalna :|....

    2. ya, n now i wl regularly follow it.....
      i hd told u ki sys prob hai thoda....
      n haan, ab mein jo hoon, wo hi rahungi na...

    3. apan sab k systems ki wo hi halat hai degree se LOL...every 2nd day Kharab rehta hehe