Saturday, 25 March 2017

Simply Khush Dobara...

Hi blog dost 😊

I know it's been a long time I have visited this place.. In fact I made a come back on Diwali 2015 thinking would stay longer this time, but nothing after that as well. I have become hopeless!

You all must be wondering what's with the title of the post πŸ˜‚

I started my blog on March 1st 2012 as 'simply khush', which was the first part with 4 posts. Then after 3 years I made a come back with one post which is simply Khush part 2. Here I am once again with one more post, simply Khush dobara haha, hence the titleπŸ˜‰

Let me try again.  I am back with an urge to write again plus a push from someone who would love to read my post..  So here's this one for you 😊

Disclaimer - I am back but not sure  how long will I be here.. So keep your expectations very low on this 😊

Simply Khush 😊

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


An attempt to resume something that i have started 3 yrs back only to stop/pause it after 4 posts. Since the last post on my blog i never visited this page until today. Something made me rewind a bit(actually alot) and replay everything, yes i did go through all my posts including the comments from all my fav ppl. Life has changed a lot between then and now.. wish i could rewind my life as well and replay the happy moments.

For now i'll signoff with a note that i'm back. For how long is a question to myself?
Wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous diwali.. stay blessed😊

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Not every superheroes wear capes!!!!

Don’t forget to hug your parents as often as possible…Give mom an extra hug and kiss this Sunday..Even if it is someone else's mom and not yours own…Because being mom isn’t easy..Everyday should be “Mothers Day”. But this Sunday it is don’t forget!!
Happy mother’s day to you all!!

A short poem for all the MOMs

What kind of lady teaches you…
My superheroes :):)
To button your coat and tie your shoes…
Who is she that is always there..
To wash your face and brush your hair…
And bring you from your infant days..
Into your awkward teenage ways…
Who teaches you what lies ahead…
Explaining all that you may dread…
And put things right when they go wrong..
Who has the answers all along..
The only one tht’s on your side..
Through THICK AND THIN you are her pride…
Your one and only truest friend…
She is YOUR MOM till the end!!!

A video to show "what a mom says in 24 hours period", though we know

Every MOM deserves a warm wish for being there for us (^_^)

Happy mothers day to every MOM in this world:):)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Party abhi bakki hai :):)

I did It!!!!
Belated bday papa:)...Belated wishes Khush:)...Yes am still in my bday mood....celebrated my bday for over a week...and still party abi baaki hai:)...still receiving belated wishes and gifts.....
Me and my dad celebrate our bday on the same day:)..I have turned 23 and my dad 51(we thought it was 50 shameless we LOL)...even my phone has celebrated it's 2nd birthday on 17th(it was my 21st bday gift).  I am 23 and the marriage tension has already started..not to my parents but to every other person, who  have excelled on meddling into other people's family matters specially the M thing(previously only my sis was the target). They have nothing to do with my marriage but still have to talk about me getting married huh....Every1 have to give some gyan to my mom and brainwash her..and I have already seen the affect of that on my mom...apart from that it's was good start with everyone's wishes...even the unexpected ones:)

Had a mast bday..Celebrated it for 2 GOOD days...starting with lunch with family at home, then icecream at cream stone, then CCD then cake cutting with frnds at home followed by dinner with frnds at chillies , then again cake cutting with dad and family and frnds too... then a night out at frnds place(after a long time)... then next day early morning to chilkur balaji and navgrah mandir with family..then to Water Front for lunch with WFIS frnds..then again to Jagannath temple and Sai Baba temple with family followed by a family dinner at Basil :) 'A Perfect Bday :):)'

17th is marked as a lucky day in our calendar ;)...My mom dad's anniversary-May 17th, me and my dad's bday March 17th, my elder sister's bday Feb 17th, my brother's bday july 17th...the only odd1 out here is my lil sis veenu, whose bday falls on 2nd Feb... and until 15 years she did not resemble any1 of us in the family(I doubt if she does even now ;-)).. we(splly me) used to tease her saying 'you are not our sister, you've got exchanged in the hospital'..haha....

On your bday your smile and happiness will be directly proportional to the no of wishes you receive:)
I had this big 70 MM smile on my face on my bday...A special thank you to every 1 who cared to wish me(us)...

I would like to dedicate this post to everyone who were part of this celebration... I know it's too late but still....

Thank you Mom, Dad, Alka, Ranjeet, Veenu, Jyothi....
Thank you BS(niki, jassi, swetha, yasha, vandu, sushma, priyanka,Manali:))
Thank you Rahul, Akshay, Mayuri, Komal
Thank you WF frnd's (Nikhil, surya, hoor, Pari, Triky, Sharmeen, Kiran, mopuri, Bhavi, naresh, priyanka, Shivani, Ankit, hema, Meenal, Ritu, Komal(WF), Anshul, Vicky)
Thank you Rita, pratiksha....
And thank you for all the belated wishes also...sorry if i have missed anyone :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

History Geography badi bewafa....raat ko rato...subah safa :| :|

The subject I hated the most... The relation b/w me  and SS(social studies) was like that of an unhappy married couple(escapism was not an option) studies was a tragedy show for me, with my teacher playing the villain then, always scoring me in digits(not to blame her, she did complete justice to my work)..but still I don't like her for the simple reason that she taught us social studies....I might have missed praying god on some days, but never missed cursing the author of the book and the bade logs which the book talked about, for doing great deeds only to make our(my) lives hell.....

Today when I hear people talking about social studies, I thank God for I m out of school now with a sigh of relief :)(and also pity the school goers). I was a below average student when it came to social part..I was so bad that I couldn't even make out if the question was out of portion(coz everything seemed out of portion to me hehe)..Many a times I used to read one answer for multiple questions and would write the same answer if any of those appeared in the question paper(not joking)..

It's not that I never tried studying it, but I never understood it...It was difficult for me to get in to my head the who, when and why of a murder mystery...Yes History was a big time mystery for me... All I remember today about it is Adolf Hitler, that too only the name...there is a story behind this also...

Tragedy # 1

Class 10th: Special English period

Our teacher asked us to read( rather battify as she expects us reproduce word to word in the test) that answer for the test which was on next day...when it comes to social I become a rocker hehe...yes i start rocking back and forth while studying..and any1 can make out that m anxious or nervous....On the day of test, before the test started I was preparing hard for the special english class I was readin the Hitler story, not out of interest, but out of fear of failing...fear of scoldings from ma & pa...So as usual I was rocking b/f with louder lip movements...which made it more obvious to my teacher that I was busy reading for my test next period, ignoring her the ego thing takes the toll..the infuriated teacher says 'is social the only imp subject to you.. do u think spl eng is v easy and u can pass it without any lectures, then don't attend my class. Go and study only social'....( all this coz of Mr. Hitler)

Tragedy # 2

Class 6th: social period

The teacher would not allow the students without the text book in the class... and the smart champs took advantage of this and got escaped from the lectures enjoying outside the day I thought why should only I listen to the lecture of who killed whom and when? So I did the same thing..kept my text book in my bag and left the class happily when the teacher asked the ones without TB to get out of the class...And then I see the teacher coming with a cane towards us for repeating this on left hand and one on right :(... that was the first time any teacher hit me...Another reason to hate SS...

Tragedy # 3

Class 4th: Quarterly exams

My mom used to take care of my studies then. She somehow used to manage to keep us up with the portion. It was exam time and I was down with typhoid, but cant afford to miss my exam, coz re-exam was not in our system. So my mom woke me up at 5. Yes my xams were like my mom's testing wake me up, first she has to get up, keep my tea ready, then please me to get up hehe(she actually did)....and then search for my bag, take out the book from the bag and then sit beside me till i complete my portion, else i would doze off...I took out my time table and told mom that today I have special English exam and i'll study only to pass...don't expect anything more in this ill-health....Did my best and went to school... saw a girl studying SS for SE exam, to which I laughed and scared her to death saying we have SE exam today...she got tensed...As I moved towards class I found few more people holding SS book in their hand...I Panic!....It was social exam and I was half prepared for SE.. And, above all I went and told my mom that as the question paper for special english was not ready our teacher swapped the exams and provided us with the question bank also hehe....Good try! but was Caught... My mom should be an CBI officer hehe(No doubt I failed that exam)

Tragedy # 4

Scene: Annual exams

This one was more infuriating and sad...always this bloody social exam has to clash with my birthday...
I remember holding Social book in my hand on my birthday every year in School...

Par wo kehte hai na..Anth bhala to sab bhala.....Finally in my 10th board I somehow managed to score 82 in SS to everyone's surprise hehe....this was like our bollywood movies..
Happy ending Hehe...
No more SS :):)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Newbie Blogging

March Dhamaka:):)...Day 1 has treated me at its best.. a day full of celebrations..New dress, decorated bay, cake cutting, hogging chocolates....wait wait wait..hold on your's not my was the process go live celebration at my office:)...Where every1 was celebrating the process Go-Live, I was celebrating my fav month-MARCH:) Yes this is my fav month for obvious reasons:):)...and the count down has goodies for the correct guesses...but still u can try and keep it to yourself till the day approaches:)

I usually consider the 1st day of the month to be a good day to start here I am starting my blog on March 01, 2012...Yes finally i've decided to start my own blog(after a reasonable debate with my lazy-self).... 

This is my creation, and I wish to get this tattooed on my actually not getting it done rather doing it myself(temporary one)..but the problem with me is I do things right the first time and then I bungle it :(...yes it happens with me very never turn out same the second time...same goes with the post...this is not my first this might not be the best piece. But still i'll not give up...neither on blog nor on my tattoo...i'll make tht happen...if not best then atleast better or may be atleast qualifies to be called Good :)

About me....

I am a person who is least bothered about the world around me, least bothered about future as well.. giving a damn to people who doesn't matter to me...happy with the life i am short simply khush:)

Throughout my life i've been dependent on ppl around it my family or my frnds...and I very much love my dependent life, and I know I can't do anything without dem. I owe every little thing in my life to them....and post marriage wish to be dependent on my in laws ;)

As a person m really biased...I do have favoritism, people whom I don't like, whatsoever they do i'll not like it, and ppl whom I love will have all sorts of discounts and will always get a 
second chance( unless m deeply hurt)...

For the benefit of people who don't know me....m a true piscean ...with all the piscean characteristics....for your benefit....a lil about pisceans

Pisceans can be described as emotional, romantic, dreamer, imaginative, honest, receptive, malleable, generous and affectionate. They are selfless and compassionate. Pisceans are generally artistic by nature. They are fond of beautiful things. They are very kind and sympathetic. They possess a true sense of compassion and kindness. They are always ready 
to adjust with the changes in circumstances and are receptive to new things. Pisces needs a dominant partner of role model in their life or they will very easily fall into a pit of self-pity and self-undoing. Pisces have an intuitive and psychic ability more than any other zodiac signs. They trust their gut feelings and if they do not, they quickly learn to because they realize that their hunches are usually correct. Pisces downfall is their sensitivity and their inability to reject another person. They do not like rejection and they try to treat others the way they want to be treated so they will rarely say no to a person for fear of hurting their feelings. Also pisces people are known to 'say yes' to everybody because they hate hurting people's feelings. They can be very lazy but only in matters that they do not care about. Pisces is the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.Their natures tend to be too otherworldly for the practical purposes of living in this world as it is. They can be a little sentimental sometimes meaning that they get their feelings hurt easily by something you might have said even if you didn't mean anything by it. 

That pretty much talks about me...ah now people might question me why only good stuff about pisceans is posted here?? your question..this is another trait of Piseans..they never let out their dark side....and more over this is my blog and I have all rights to do tht :)...if you r interested in knowing the dark side of pisceans then you surely can go ahead and help your self(you know the source:)).

That's it for now...
many more to come...
Till then Tadas...Take care...Keep smiling:):)